Thursday, August 25, 2016

Writing a letter isn't something i do on the regular. Every once in awhile I have written a letter to someone but on the daily I used text messaging or email. This is a faster way to connect with someone. Sending a simple text message to let someone know something is easier than writing a letter to them and having to wait for a response letter back. Text messaging and email both takes a few seconds to send and also takes a few seconds to get a reply. Other new media I use to connect with people is social media. If I do not have someones phone number or email I just simply find them on a social media account and where I
can send them a message on there. Just like text messaging and email they are able to respond quickly which makes everything so much easier.

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  1. Your comments are very informative to those of us who are "trans-generational" and have lived in both the pre-digital and digital ages. I'd be interested to hear what the conversation would be if you explained this to a grandparent.