Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Becoming Screen Literate Response

When you actually think about it, everything we do now is basically through some kind of screen. We  use Cell phones, computers, iPads, Cameras, ATMs, and Televisons on a daily basis. Technology has changed so much that everything is now Touch screen. It makes it easy to complete tasks. It's crazy that I didn't even realize how many screens I come in contact with until reading this. He also says that we are going to become video literate which I agree.. It was interesting to read about how much we are screen literate without noticing.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Its Unbelieveable to see much technology has grown over the years. It's kind of terrifying you can do anything on the Internet but it also is extremely cool.
This article is explaining that times have changed. A lot of older people have had to change things that they were used to because technology has changed so much. For example to find out information you would go find a book to read to learn more but now you can search on the Internet specifically what you want to know without having to read a whole book. This shows that things are being done differently and the title says that Google is making us dumb because it's easy for us to find what we need without the hassle.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Writing a letter isn't something i do on the regular. Every once in awhile I have written a letter to someone but on the daily I used text messaging or email. This is a faster way to connect with someone. Sending a simple text message to let someone know something is easier than writing a letter to them and having to wait for a response letter back. Text messaging and email both takes a few seconds to send and also takes a few seconds to get a reply. Other new media I use to connect with people is social media. If I do not have someones phone number or email I just simply find them on a social media account and where I
can send them a message on there. Just like text messaging and email they are able to respond quickly which makes everything so much easier.